Relief Pak® compress

About the Relief Pak® brand

Relief Pak® hot and cold compresses have been used by therapists, athletic trainers, and the general public since the 1980s. Many of you who have received professional therapy care after an injury have probably been treated with a Relief Pak® hot or cold pack at your local hospital or therapy clinic. Many Relief Pak® items are now available in consumer friendly packaging.

The product line includes high quality hot and cold packs.

The Relief Pak® product category

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Relief Pak® products

Cold pack covers or towels should be used to wrap pack in before applying to treatment area.
Chilling unit effectively chills cold packs and keeps the packs in a chilled ready-to-use state.
Instant cold pack becomes 34°F in just 3 seconds just by squeezing the bag. Cold is achieved through safe chemical reaction. Bag is double-lined
Relief Pak® English style ice bag cold compresses are made of waterproof rubberized fabric with a plastic screw cap to securely keep the ice and melt water inside the bag. Bags are made of heavy duty material and are reusable.
Relief Pak® insulated ice bags consist of multi-layer construction keeps moisture away from skin. Each bag comes with easy fill neck opening and soft comfortable outer fabric. Ice bag is refillable and disposable.