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Smart Pegboards user digital training programs to improve fine motor coordination and sensory rehabilitation. Through visual cues and auditory feedback, users can improve finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination all at once.

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12-3148 Neofect Smart Pegboard $3000.00
Neofect Smart Pegboard:
Dexterity training just got a whole lot smarter. Introducing the Neofect Smart Pegboard! A digital pegboard that provides both visual and auditory feedback to motivate users through gamified training. This fun and interactive pegboard is great for hand manipulation and is ideal for functional and cognitive rehabilitation. Use it to improve hand- eye coordination and enable sensorimotor training at the same time. It features high-intensity LED lights for visual cues on indicating peg placement, as well as voice and sound effects that prompt the user through training. There are also over 25 functional and cognitive training options to choose from. Each digital training program ensures a results-oriented digital rehabilitation game with parameter adjustability, promoting "just the right challenge" for users. This allows patients to not only be focused but, also have a sense of accomplishment for finishing the task. Through repeated and regular training, patients can enhance and maintain brain plasticity with the Neofect Smart Pegboard.

Dimensions: 14" x 1.5" x 22"

Weight: 29 lbs

UPC: 714905142443

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