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This collection of tools is essential for any medical professional to have on hand. Choose from a selection of thermometers, penlights and more.

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Item # Penlights List Price
77-0003 Disposable Penlight, 6 count, White $15.00
ADC Adlite Disposable Penlight, 6 count, White:
The Adlite Disposable Penlight comes in a box of 6 and provides a beam of light for diagnostic purposes. Easily activate the beam of light by depressing the pocket clip. It measures 5" long with a 0.5" diameter.

Dimensions: 4.65" x 0.56" x 3.16"

Weight: 0.34 lbs

UPC: 634782001735

Notice: Typically ships in 5 days.

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77-0004 Reusable Penlight, Black $5.00
ADC Metalite Reusable Penlight, Black:
The Metalite Reusable Penlight provides a beam of light that is activated via a plunger power switch. Its casing is made of aluminum for added durability. It measures 5.25" long with a 0.5" diameter and uses 2 "AAA" batteries.

Dimensions: 5.50" x 0.44" x 0.44"

Weight: 0.06 lbs

UPC: 634782062743

Notice: Typically ships in 5 days.

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