Measurement tape is housed in protective plastic casing for easy opening and retracting. Woven fabric measurement tape is calibrated in inches and centimeters. Measurement tape has push button retractor.
    Measure the circumference of a joint or digit. Wrap webbing around the finger and read circumference directly from the ruler.
    Breadth caliper enables accurate breadth readings for chest, shoulder, pelvis, etc.
    The volumetric measuring device is designed to objectively measure volume of the body part by using the fluid displacement method. The body part is placed in a water-filled tank. The resultant overflow is collected and measured. By taking measurements over time, amount of edema can be measured and quantified. Sets include voltmeter, overflow cup and measurement vessel.
    Lafayette Calipers aids in the measurement of a variety of different areas. The large range and easy to read increments provides a very accurate reading.