This collection of high-quality fitness equipment aids in health, fitness, rehabilitation, physical therapy and active aging. These products feature heavy construction and unique designs which make them a perfect choice for either a clinic or home setting.
    Choose from durable commercial and residential treadmills, ellipitcals and exercise bikes.
    Choose from treadmills, ellipitcals, steppers, ergometers and exercise bikes.
    SciFit® equipment makes it easy for people of all ages and abilities to get moving, stay motivated and see results. Whether it’s someone recovering from a heart attack, rehabilitating from knee surgery or exercising for the first time. These products help you progress toward your goals.
    Shuttle Mini-Press is available in standard (1-80 lb) and lite 2 (1-50 lb) levels. It is a rehabilitation exerciser for the recovery of hip replacement, total knee and ACL surgery. It has a smooth resistance for flexion and extension exercises. It can be used for upper and lower body rehabilitation exercises. This device's lightweight, small and portable form factor make it ideal for home use an/or in-room patient use. This unit has a carry handle and wheels for easy mobility. The Mini-Press lite 2 features adjustable 75 degrees foot plate, 4 positions, 14" distance, 13x36" length and is 15 pounds. It includes 3 black and 1 red resistance cord. The Mini-Press standard features adjustable 75 degrees foot plate, 6 positions, 20" distance, 12x42" length and is also 15 pounds. It includes 5 black and 1 red resistance cord. Both can change their resistance levels.
    Active Passive Trainer
    Inflight Fitness exercise equipment is sturdy durable, and are designed for both upper and lower body workouts. All weight equipment is fitted with black vinyl covered HR molded cushions. Weight plates and equipment can be adjusted to match the desired weight and position for your workout. Machines are simple and easy to use.
    Wheelchair exercise equipment designed to strengthen arms and shoulders.
    Total Gym empowers users with bodyweight-based equipment to go beyond rehab and succeed in their fitness goals.
    Philips ReCare combines versatile fitness equipment to help patients feel confident and secure during their training. Clinicians can prescribe total, lower-body only, or upper-body only exercise. Easy-to-read feedback windows display provides a lot of data for clinicians to easily track patient performance and progress.