CanDo Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser

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Wheelchair exercise equipment designed to strengthen arms and shoulders.

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10-0690 Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser $1925.00
CanDo Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser:
The CanDo Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser is designed for people who use a wheelchair to strengthen their arms and shoulder muscles. Stronger arms are needed for propulsion, transfer, and pressure reduction lifts. The Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser is ideal for in home use or at facilities under a therapist's supervision. Its innovative design allows users to be facing either forwards or backwards from the machine and can be used with both arms in tandem or a single arm workout by removing the crosspiece. The heavy-duty steel construction fits around the width of any standard wheelchair with ease. It is latex and silicone free and does not come with free weights.

Dimensions: 50" x 32" x 36"

Weight: 38 lbs

UPC: 714905083623

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