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Heated Foam Rollers combine soothing heat with a foam roller to deliver a simple and effective massage. Use it to get fast-acting thermotherapy benefits to relieve sore tissues from sitting all day or extreme workouts.

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14-1731 HotRock Ultra-Heated Foam Roller $250.00
HotRock Ultra-Heated Foam Roller:
HotRock is an ultra-heated foam roller that combines intense heat and deep tissue massage to increase blood flow to sore muscles and joints, providing relief and relaxation when you need it, where you need it. Created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, HotRock yields thermotherapy benefits and effective deep massaging to relieve sore tissues from sitting all day or extreme workouts. With HotRock's SmartWire technology, you can get soothing heat at precise temperatures, reaching up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit in 5 minutes or less. Using the extra-long 9-foot cord, simply plug in HotRock to an outlet to get immediate, long-lasting heat. Unlike microwave-heated rollers, HotRock's heated core is engineered to get hot and stay hot. Allowing it to maintain its max temperature over long periods with precise temperature control with no hot spots or dead zones. For a custom foam-rolling experience, the HotRock features one-touch controls. Located on the side of the HotRock, the easy-to-use LCD control panel gives the precise temperature and timer. Just select temperatures in 10-degree increments between 110 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit and watch the orange LED indicator light up as the HotRock heats up. You can even set a timer in 10-minute increments to time your HotRock throughout your whole routine. The HotRock is designed with a dual-core body. The multi-layer design of ABS plastic and EVA foam provides the perfect balance of deep pressure to improve recovery. Combine that with your desired heat, and the therapeutic effects will improve blood flow, lessen pain, and have a relaxing effect. It also increases blood circulation for faster and better healing. So, you can accelerate injury recovery to sore tissues that come with daily activities or help speed the recovery of aches from intense physical activity. And when you are done, the HotRock can be programmed to automatically shut off between 30 to 90 minutes after use. Use it at home or put it in your gym bag to take with you wherever you go. No matter where you use it, HotRock is the ultra-heated foam roller you need for simple and effective pain relief.

Dimensions: 12.75" x 5.38" x 5.38"

Weight: 5 lbs

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

UPC: 860000412711

Notice: Typically ships in 1-2 days.

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