Portable Carry Cooler keeps Ice-Up Stick frozen up to 12 hours! Leak proof design keeps your sports bag dry. Unique Cap design easy to pop open with wet hands. Patented Ice Grippers allow full range of controlled massage pressure. Simple and effective: just fill it, freeze it and carry it for Ice on the spot! Includes Ice-Up Stick and insulated cooler.
    Icers are re-usable and easy-to use. Icer provides ice to localized area.
    Roller Ice provides targeted cold or hot therapy by holding temperature with a frozen or heated liquid reservoir and transferring this temperature to the stainless steel massage ball or bullet. Ease aches and pains, relax muscles and relieve tension without messy ice cups!
    The Point Relief Cool-It Roller reduces swelling, inflammation and pain with a combination of cold compression and massage therapy.
    A line of products designed to provide handheld and convenient hot or cold massage therapy. Designed in conjunction with physical therapists, massage therapists and chiropractors, these ergonomic rollers combine the benefits of both deep tissue massage therapy and hot and cold treatment to warm-up, loosen muscles and relieve pain and inflammation. These rollers are versatile, compact, easy to use, will fit most hands and are TSA compliant, making travelling with them a breeze.