Myossage® Lotion is a soothing, effective alcohol-free, non-greasy and non-staining lotion.
    Soothing Touch massage lotions, creams and oils.
    Combines the benefits of an oil and a lotion. Leaves the skin soft and smooth but not greasy. Fragrance free, hypoallergenic. 15 oz jar.
    Bon Vital® enriched massage lotions available in 2 formulas and several convenient sizes.
    Formulated exclusively for the healthcare professional, Free-Up® Massage Cream is noted for its glide, lubricity and tissue perception. Great Glide and tissue sense to fingers and hands. Free-Up does not inhibit deep tissue perception and discrimination. Its slow absorption rate means a little goes a long way. Bacteriostatic and Hypo-allergenic. Does not contain beeswax. It won't ball up or dry out the skin.