Pressure Biofeedback Gauges provides valuable information to ensure quality and precision in exercise performance and muscle testing. Giving valuable biofeedback to determine if the patient is able to selectively isolate and maintain contractions of the cervical or lumbopelvic core stabilization muscles.
    The small, hand-held and self contained GSR 2 is a Galvanic Skin Response monitoring device for home biofeedback. The GSR 2 precisely monitors your stress levels by translating tiny tension-related changes in skin pores into a rising or falling tone. By resting two fingers on the sensing plates you learn to lower the pitch and your stress level. Features: 9V battery (included). Ergonomically shaped for a most comfortable and natural grip. Provides tonal feedback through speaker or earphones.
    sEMG biofeedback sensors and electrodes.
    Measure. Move. Progress. Kinvent brings real-time biofeedback data to enhance your physiotherapy expertise on a daily basis. There are 8 physical therapy devices connected to 1 revolutionary app, to engage your patients and enrich your practice.