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From Richmar, a leader in therapeutic advancements since the 1950s, is a ground-breaking line of deep oscillation portable products. Powered by rechargeable batteries, these units are portable, making them ideal for clinics and hospitals. These handheld devices use pre-defined programs from practice-specific protocol cards to define treatment settings.

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13-1580 THERADOT Deep Oscillation Therapy Device $4992.50
THERADOT Deep Oscillation Therapy Device:
From Richmar, a leader in therapeutic advancements since the 1950s, is a new ground-breaking deep oscillation device. The THERADOT was developed as a non-invasive FDA cleared treatment designed to enhance manual techniques, aid in muscle relaxation, pain relief and increasing circulation. Using an electrostatic field, the THERADOT creates deep but pleasant soft oscillation to the areas being treated including connective tissue and blood and lymph vessels. It aids in preventing a buildup of fluids to help accelerate the healing process. Unlike the Hivamat, the THERADOT does not need multiple protocol cards. Instead, it offers ONE Practice-Specific Protocol Card for Rehab, Athletic, Chiropractic Treatments. It also features secure pin connected accessories, so you don't have to worry about snap disconnections. The THERADOT is a truly portable handheld device as it conveniently fits in one hand as you are treating your patients. The intuitive buttons and large, easy to read multi color treatment screen, makes therapy selection easier and less complicated for clinicians and users. The THERADOT has everything you need to start treatment immediately. The user defined favorites stores clinician customized programs. So, you can practice specific treatment protocols and quickly skip the phases you don't want. The battery is rechargeable and only needs two hours to be fully charge. It is also easily replaceable. The THERADOT comes standard with a device stand for convenient countertop storage and charging.

Dimensions: 1.4" x 5.65" x 3.01"

Weight: 4 lbs

UPC: 092237623473

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