The FabStim Iontophoresis Patch promises simple, non-invasive solutions for fast and extended pain relief. With wireless iontophoresis capabilities, this patch eliminates the need for any external batteries or wires and features a flexible and breathable material to bring safe treatments to patients.
    IontoPatch self-contained wireless iontophoresis technology eliminates need for external batteries or wires. IontoPatch allows patient to return to daily activities while receiving time-released iontophoresis. IontoPatch is made of flexible, breathable material. Technician applies medication directly to the IontoPatch electrode. Shuts off automatically when prescribed dose has been administered.
    IOMED Iontophoresis drug delivery systems.
    Single use iontophoresis electrodes for various treatment sites. Greater adhesive area eliminates pad movement. Buffering agents for additional pH stabilization.
    The I-Bresis hybrid iontophoresis system has the power to deliver optimal drug delivery and flexible, time-saving treatment options. The three treatment modes and the ability to deliver medication with positive or negative polarity, allows clinicians to choose the right medication and right application for each patient.