Safe patient handling and mobility products provide a value-based solution to improve patient's quality of life by reducing complications of patient immobility and falls, while reducing costs associated with injuries to caregivers. Designed to provide the utmost in safety, comfort and affordability to the caregiver and patients. Ergonomically designed to make the patient transfer as simple as possible.
    Patient lifts and accessories.
    These electric lift by Drive Medical are made of heavy gauge construction and a jumbo actuator pump that lowers the patient ensures safe repositioning.
    A selection of premier chairs featuring a lifting mechanism that pushes the chair up and assists the user to a standing or near-standing position. Ideal for facilities with a large senior population or anyone who is at risk of falling. Features to look for and compare include weight and mobility of the unit, the power source, its weight capacity and ease of assembly and use.
    Increase your independence with Uplift. These premium seat assists can help lift those who have trouble standing up from a seated position. The patented LeveLift Technology which ensures a gentle and safe lift without pushing you forward.
    The Bariatric Electric Stand-in Table is designed to promote vertical weight bearing activities as it assists patients in the standing position.
    Stair climbing devices such as mobile stairlifts, stair chairs, and motorized hand trucks are an important tool for those with mobility restrictions or concerns, allowing them to maintain their autonomy and perform daily tasks with ease. From providing a newfound sense of independence and freedom, to ensuring safety while on the job, Climbing Steps will be there to help you tackle the steps of life.
    The SitnStand Lift Assist is a portable rising seat was designed to promote mobility among people who are challenged in transitioning from sitting to standing positions, due to aging, chronic illness, or disability, empowering independence while reducing the risk of falls and injury.