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Stair climbing devices such as mobile stairlifts, stair chairs, and motorized hand trucks are an important tool for those with mobility restrictions or concerns, allowing them to maintain their autonomy and perform daily tasks with ease. From providing a newfound sense of independence and freedom, to ensuring safety while on the job, Climbing Steps will be there to help you tackle the steps of life.

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Item # Mobile Patient Lift List Price
43-1786 Ascend and Go Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift $5000.00
Ascend and Go Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift:
Introducing the dependable Ascend and Go Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift. Every inch of this medical aid was designed to provide both patients and caregivers with superior safety. The robust steel frame ensures that it can handle a weight up to 400 pounds - making transferring easy and stress free. It also includes several features to ensure security while in use. Dual locking casters make it stable, while the locking swivel seat pads and wide footrest further secure your experience. Not to be overshadowed by our focus on safety, comfort is not forgotten with this transfer lift. The patient lift is generously padded and ergonomic- padding at critical points helps reduce pressure on delicate areas when sitting or standing. This makes the transition smoother for users and puts caregivers' minds at ease knowing there is optimized comfort throughout the process.

Dimensions: 32.2" x 41.7" x 20.8"

Weight: 34 lbs

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

Notice: Typically ships in 1 week.

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43-1788 Freedom Transfer Patient Lift $3000.00
Freedom Transfer Patient Lift:
The Freedom Mobile Transfer Patient Lift is a patient transfer device that provides a convenient and secure way to transport patients with limited mobility around their home or care facility. It's highly versatile and durable, comfortable for the patient, and easy for the caregiver to use. This unit comes with a commode pail, seat cut-out that allows the unit to slide over a toilet enabling the patient to use the restroom from the comfort of the chair, and a cushion that can slide on when the patient is using the chair to sit in for longer periods of time.

Dimensions: 25" x 15.5-23.5" x 22.3"

Weight: 63 lbs

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Notice: Typically ships in 1 week.

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43-1784 HelpUp Patient Lift with AirLift Technology $600.00
HelpUp Patient Lift with AirLift Technology:
The HelpUp Patient Lift with Airlift Technology was designed to provide a safe and comfortable solution to help lift loved ones off the floor after a fall. This innovative patient floor lift is quickly positioned under the patient and inflated to properly lift them back up to a standing position; all while keeping them secure and stable. It's powerful enough to support up to 300 lbs. of weight, plus its lightweight design (just 23 lbs.) makes this Patient Floor Lift easy to store away when not in use, or take it with you on the go in its included duffle bag. Whether in a closet, trunk or car, the HelpUp allows for convenient storage and travel without taking up valuable space. The HelpUp also features an AirLift pump with a 30 ft cord so it can be easily positioned where needed, wherever your loved one has fallen. The safety of your loved ones should always be top priority - let the HelpUp Patient Lift with Airlift Technology protect them from potential harm that could arise due to falls.

Dimensions: 51" x 48" x 44"

Weight: 16 lbs

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Notice: Typically ships in 1 week.

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