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The CanDo Kegel Kit is great for doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Ideal for women during pregnancy or after. As well as older women and those who came out of surgery and have weakened pelvic floor muscles. Make Kegel exercises part of your daily routine with CanDo.

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CanDo Kegel Kit:
Empower your pelvic health with the CanDo Kegel Kit! Kegel exercises have never been more straightforward or convenient, as you use this kit to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This simple yet effective kit is ideal for pre- and post-pregnancy, aiding in fortifying pelvic muscles essential for childbirth and recovery. It is also a great companion for elderly women or those recovering from surgery, ensuring pelvic muscles remain strong. The lightweight and compact design makes it a breeze to carry along with you, ensuring you never miss your wellness routine. Whether you're sitting at your desk, relaxing on your couch, or travelling, the CanDo Kegel Kit makes it easy to incorporate Kegel exercises as part of your daily routine. To begin exercising, simply inflate the CanDo ball with the included straw. Then, place the ball between your knees, loop the exercise band around your thighs, and secure it with the clips. Each kit comes with a yellow inflatable CanDo ball, a purple CanDo band, two secure white clips, and a straw for easy inflation. Start strengthening your pelvic floor muscles today with CanDo.

Dimensions: 7" x 2" x 6"

Weight: 0.34 lbs

UPC: 714905139672

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