Product Spotlight: CanDo® Full Body Massager

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If you desire a deeper massage and your hands are not doing the trick, maybe it is time to look for a self-massage tool. CanDo® Full Body MassagerSelf-massage tools are great for those individuals who can’t reach certain areas of their body or need a deeper and more effective massage. One self-massage tool that we recommend is the CanDo® Full Body Massager.

The CanDo® Full Body Massager is a handheld self-massage tool with 6 specially placed therapy knobs designed to relieve muscle tension and stress. Each knob can be used to massage certain parts of the body. Use the shorter knobs for a great neck or shoulder massage or the hook part for hard to reach places such as the back. By hooking the curved knob over the shoulder or around the body, you can feel a deep and penetrating massage without having to reach or stretch your arms.

If you have rounded shoulders from sitting at a computer all day or from poor posture, you likely have trigger points in your pectoralis muscles. You can use the CanDo® Full Body Massager to target these trigger points, which can relieve pain and correct your shoulder positioning. Simply grab the hook of the CanDo® Full Body Massager and position the knob in the grove just below your collarbone. Then apply downward pressure on hook to help release the trigger point and move the hook to apply the pressure at different angles to work the whole muscle. Perform this action on both sides for a complete massage.

A self-massage tool is great to use to target and relieve pain from muscle tension and trigger points. If you want an affordable way to relieve this pain, look no further than the CanDo® Full Body Massager.

To see the CanDo® Full Body Massager, click here.

Article written by William Graves.