Wrist supports and splint.
    Comfortable universal thumb spica immobilizes the thumb joint, gives gentle protective positioning of the MP and CMC joints, and provides wrist support. Made of compression-formed foam with no seams. Elastic closure straps enable easy application and removal. Universal sizing. Fits right or left thumb.
    Comfy Splints offers a complete line of unique splints, braces and supports for individuals who need orthotics support for their hands, knees, elbows and feet. All of the products come in adult and pediatric sizes. Comfy Splints feature frames that are adjustable and easy to put on and remove. Most of the splints are ambidextrous, so there's no left or right to choose from. Their covers are made of Dri-Release terrycloth with freshguard, to wick away moisture, prevent skin breakdown and remove odors.
    The most effective, streamlined, and durable brace for the relief of thumb CMC (basal joint) osteoarthritis is here. The Push MetaGrip provides long term durability, resisting abrasion and CMC stability during pinch and grip without impeding other joint movement. It is a great option for patients who have pain from arthritis or instability of the CMC joint as well as post-operative care after CMC surgery.
    Arthritis Support protects and supports the arthritic hand
    Ulnar Deviation supports the hand and wrist during a period of acute flare-up or during sleep.
    Hand and Wrist based support offers a streamlined, form-fitting alternative to cumbersome outriggers, which can make functional hand use difficult for patients with loss of active finger extension.