CanDo® treatment furniture is great for any clinic or office! Choose from a selection of different furniture including treatment tables, mat platforms, training stairs, parallel bars and storage racks.
    Attractive, durable, seamless cushion tables are comfortable and strong, and eliminate snags, splits and frays for patient’s long lasting comfort. Exam treatment tables are available in height adjustable and fixed height versions with or without backrests, and flat or sectioned options.
    Perfect for therapeutic settings, high density tables allow multiple patients, or patient and clinician to stretch and exercise comfortably.
    Fixed and adjustable height work tables allow multiple users to participate in group activities or one-on-one clinician/patient treatment.
    Built to meet the demands of high traffic locations, tilt tables can be used for early mobilization and weight bearing exercises for patients with profound weakness or low blood pressure. Tables tilt from vertical to 9 degrees below horizontal for multiple uses.
    Comfortable seating for therapists and professionals, allows easy access to the patient and equipment.
    Therapy mirrors are an important aid for rehab therapy and exercise and provide patients with visual feedback.
    Foot stools are a staple in all treatment rooms. Stools are available with and without a handle.
    A well-lit exam room improves visibility and allows patients to be at ease.
    Essential equipment for rehabilitation of lower extremities can be found here.  Space-saving options, convertible configurations, and adjustable parallel bars are crucial for your facility.