Multi-Purpose Mobile Tables have a lot of versatility and allow clinicians and other medical professionals to move from room-to-room for the purpose of examining, evaluating and treating patients.
    A wide-ranging line of signs designed to provide information and guidance. Depending on need, there are juvenile-themed signs as well as standard, non-descript signs. Options include free-standing or mounted, colors, themes, individual signs or collections and many more.
    Sturdy, durable and suitable for exam rooms, labs and every classroom and office in a medical facility, the Glove Box Holder is designed to enable clear, quick, unimpeded access to glove box openings.
    Hampers are ideal for any facility or institution that collects laundry or linens including fitness centers, long-term care facilities, PT offices, salons, etc.
    Clinic and medical center exam rooms just got a little less scary for the children. This set of Opaque Plastic Jars feature cheerful and smiling cartoon animal characters as opposed to generic and "sterile" names and images.
    Waste in a medical facility, especially regulated waste, is no laughing matter. These Waste Receptacles, which are designed to handle the worst of the waste, are no joke. They feature an ultra-durable finish that's also easy to clean.
    Eating and activities have now gotten easier for those stuck in bed, thanks to these Over Bed Tables. Height adjustable, this versatile tool is ideal for hospitals, assisted living, long-term care and other multi-resident facilities.
    A line of products designed for chiropractor, massage and medical exam tables. Treatment Table Paper protects tables from dirt and moisture from patient and clients. It also serves to enhance comfort as well as keeping tables hygienic and clean. Because these products are disposable, there's less changeover time required between appointments, so practices can operate more efficiently.
    Cortech's Corner Guards protect your facilities corners from chips, dings, and damage. The Guards are made of PVC and are 100% American Made.
    Plates made to protect your light switch.