A collection of Tri W-G Parallel Bar products designed specifically for use in physical and occupational therapy. Built to assist individuals in re-learning to walk and gait training in addition to helping to regain balance, strength, range of motion and mobility. Tri W-G Parallel Bars were the first motorized parallel bars with motorized adjustable width and height.
    Tri W-G Mat Tables are large, sturdy rehabilitation tables constructed from a steel frame and topped with a 2"-thick, easily cleaned foam mat, which is covered in vinyl. The mat tables are all 7' long and feature motorized height adjustments. These mat tables are powerful enough to withstand 600 – 1,000-pound weight capacities. They are put through Tri W-G's category-leading testing against the highest safety standards.
    Tri W-G's motorized hi-lo Treatment Tables are the perfect balance of flexibility and strength. Also referred to as exam tables, hospital tables and medical tables, they are all designed to provide a comfortable, hygienic, and supportive base for treatment and diagnostics from private clinics to large hospitals. The tables all feature Tri W-G's compact design and "hi-lo" ability to raise or lower via motor. Some models have an array of positioning options to ensure maximum versatility. Some also feature storage space while others have a variety of accessories available, sold separately, including siderails, paper holders and casters. All models have a weight capacity of at least 400 lbs.
    Tri W-G Therapy Trainer Tables were designed to do double-duty – Classroom practice and actual practice. These are tables strong enough for students to train on, as well as being able to conveniently convert to a classroom work desk. This saves the classroom from clutter and poorly used space. Each model features a weight capacity of 400 lbs. and a steel frame. Removable mats are available separately.
    Tri W-G Tilt Tables separate themselves from the rest of the category of very quickly…The entire line features motorized tables and all tilt up to a full 90°. Additionally, these tables all feature safety belts, an angle indicator (to ensure accuracy) and a 2" upholstered mat, which is available in 13 colors.