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Digital Advertising Manager

Job Overview

The Digital Advertising Manager is responsible for setting up, optimizing and reporting on digital advertising campaigns for Fabrication Enterprises. This position is primarily focused on managing day-to-day business on AMS and DSP to grow sales by increasing product ranking, visibility and paid media strategy. The focus will be on paid search ads (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Product Display Ads) and enhanced content (A+ pages) within the Amazon Advertising Platform, Walmart and Wayfair Platforms.

The Digital Advertising Manager will also work with the marketing team to assist in the creation of materials for use on Fabrication Enterprise’s and their partner’s websites.


  • PPC Account Management: Manage and optimize pay-per-click campaigns including, but not limited to – Ad Copy, Bid Prices, Cost per Conversion, Cost per Click, Keyword Research.
  • Ad Campaign Creation: Sourcing and creating keywords for advertising campaigns that target specific audiences and drive traffic to product pages.
  • Search Term and Best Practice Research: Use tools or research to create and find search terms and keywords that are relevant to the products and customers that drive traffic to product pages that result in conversions.
  • Keyword Strategy and Optimization: Ensure that keywords match product and customer destination focus while efficiently driving to targeted segments. Manage optimizations related to paid, organic and onsite search.
  • Content Creation: Assist in executing strategies to lead our enhanced brand content, A+ content and brand Storefront rollouts.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Track and understand key digital marketing metrics, analyze campaign performance and optimize based on insights to increase conversions. Provide actionable insights to the rest of the team, based on your findings.
  • Promotional Events: Develop promotional strategy around key Amazon Event windows including Prime Day, Holidays, Cyber Monday, etc.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Degree in marketing, communications, behavioral psychology or a related field
  • Direct Amazon PPC experience. Google Ads experience a plus.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience with marketing research tools is a plus.
  • Experience with web content management systems.
  • Knowledge of product listing optimization technique.
  • Able to prioritize, multitask and work efficiently on multiple projects in a deadline driven environment.
  • Able to work independently on day-to-day basis.
  • Work on projects in collaboration with others.
  • Analytical; able to problem-solve variety of issues quickly.
  • Proactive and detail oriented.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Positive attitude with an enthusiastic, can-do outlook.

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About Fabrication Enterprises

Fabrication Enterprises is a manufacturer, importer, and master distributor of products for physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic clinics, athletic training, homecare, and more. Founded in 1974, our products are sold to hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, professionals, and more by a global network of dealers.