Cuff® exercise

About the Cuff® brand

Cuff® exercise products have been used by physical therapists, athletic trainers and the general public since the 1970s. Many of you who have received therapy after an injury have probably used a Cuff® exercise product during your rehabilitation.

The Cuff® exercise weight was one of the first FEI products. Many sizes are still produced in our New York facility. The Adjustable Cuff® exercisers is now available in consumer friendly retail packaging.

The Cuff® product category

Below is a listing of some Cuff® products. Select a category link to learn more.

  • Original Cuff® exerciser – the most widely used Cuff® exerciser in the therapy setting. Features an adjustable strap and static weight.
  • Adjustable Cuff® exerciser – the best Cuff® exerciser for the fitness and retail setting. Features an adjustable D-ring strap with adjustable weight settings. Simply remove and replace weight inserts.