Give children with special needs the opportunity to experience the fun and exhilaration of swinging. Adaptive swings provide safety and support for children with special needs and allow socialization at the same time.
    Positioning wedges, rolls and blocks provide stability and support for individuals lacking some degree of body control. Use devices when sitting or laying in prone or supine positions.
    Designed for children with mild to severe physical involvement. Seating systems can help position the child on the floor as well as the table to participate in day to day situations with their peers. Combine with wedges, rolls or blocks to help position the child comfortably.
    Children who have difficulty being able to crawl, creep or walk often benefit from equipment that helps them move and explore their environment. Products found here will reinforce weight-bearing, shifting and reaching.
    Group activities encourage social interaction and enhance sensory and vestibular stimulation in children.  Add dimension to therapy programs to encourage gross motor skills, as well.
    Have fun while addressing vestibular stimulation, balance, sensory integration and mobility.  Use these items for one-on-one therapy or group play.
    Protects a special needs person from the dangers of physical activities, potential strike hazards, self-abuse, seizures and spasticity.
    CanDo® Hand Weights provide extra hand and wrist stability during writing and other fine motor activities.
    Pediatric Furniture creates a fun and safe environment for kids. Offering a wide range of furniture that kids can use at home, school or any afterschool activity.