Walkers and gait trainers help children to walk thereby increasing independence, self-esteem and social interaction.
    Take bathroom safety seriously.  Minimize falls with shower /bath seats, transfer benches and grab bars.  Elevated toilet seats, commodes, and supports aid in rehab or for those with limited abilities.
    We offer a variety of canes, crutches and accessories to suit your clients’ needs.  Quad base canes are especially helpful for those with balance issues; crutches with or without forearm support are height adjustable for users ranging from 4’2” to 6’6”.
    We offer a variety of walkers and walker accessories to suit all our customers’ needs. Walker balls and glides allow for smooth movement over a variety of surfaces.
    Rollators are like walkers with wheels: They help people who need additional support to maintain balance and stability while walking. They also allow the user to sit and rest when needed.
    We offer a variety of wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories to suit all our customers’ needs. Wheelchair cup holders, oxygen tank holders and wheelchair trays make it possible to carry everything around when traveling.