All sizes of Carrie Potty Seat are shaped to position legs in a slight flexion and abduction to encourage bladder and bowel functions. They can be positioned over 18" institutional toilets and most residential toilets (except when in reclined position), or used as a free-standing commode, so it's ideal for clinical, school or home use. Teal color. Latex free. Other features include: Tumble Forms 2 high-density foam has a washable, seamless coating that is urine and stain-resistant and nontoxic. Antimicrobial protection in the Tumble Forms 2 coating gives the seat an added level of protection against bacteria, mold and mildew, which cause stains, odor and product breakdown. Lateral supports and tray help provide trunk stability. Flexible elastomer splash guard/seat ring protects seat and is removable for easy cleaning. Built-in anti-thrust seat helps maintain pelvic positioning. Lockable caster base facilitates safety with transfers. Carrie Potty Seat includes: Adjustable tray, Height adjustable footrest, Removable splash guard, Adjustable headrest, Hip and chest harness, Removable footrest, Removable bucket for use as a commode.
    Commodes are available in various styles and sizes to fit most needs.
    Wrap-around height-adjustable back support has removable safety belt (low back) or H-harness (high-back. Optional footrest/armrest sold separately.
    Raised toilet seats provide for comfort and support. Available in many styles with various features.
    This is a line of superior pediatric bath chairs that are specially designed to help safely support children in the bathtub. Designed for children with postural issues, disabilities and special needs, these chairs allow caregivers to bathe or shower children safely and without worrying about accidents. Size specific, the chairs are highly adjustable, with the backs, seats and supportive straps able to be reconfigured for comfort and convenience. Please note, children should never be left unattended in a bath and while these products are in use.
    Bath bench products and bathing furniture facilitates use of the tub and shower.
    Plastic, grab bars with grooved surfaces provide a secure, non-slip, grasp - even when wet. Mounting brackets conceal the installation screws.
    Sponges are attached to long plastic handle to help facilitate scrubbing for people with reduced range of motion.
    Directs Urine flow towards the toilet. Fits most toilet seats, as well as elevated toilet seats.
    To ensure user safety while they enjoy all the benefits a bath can offer, the bathtub lift allows the user to regain your independence in the bathtub.