Apply heat to hand, wrist, ankle or foot using a paraffin warmer. For treatment of patients suffering from pain associated with arthritis, strains, sprains and joint stiffness. Use with beads or blocks of paraffin wax, also found in this section.
    Provide fast-acting hot or cold temporary relief for minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, bruises, strains and/or sprains. Topical analgesics are available in multiple formulations including gels, roll-ons, sprays and wipes.
    Heat therapy provides soothing heat to comfort pain from stiff necks, backaches, arthritis, sprains and bruises. Choose from a selection of re-usable, portable heat packs, moist heat packs and heating pads. Heating units are available to warm moist heat packs.
    One pack for both hot and cold!  Washable and pliable fabrics conform to the curves of the skin. Warm in microwave or chill in freezer to use for temporary relief of stiff neck, back ache, arthritis, bruises, swelling, and muscle soreness.
    Re-usable packs are an effective cold therapy tool. Pliable and soft, and available in various vinyl thicknesses, cold packs are durable and economic.  We even offer specialty pediatric packs for boo boos!
    Cold massage therapy can be used over broad areas of the body or on small spots to stimulate local ‘trigger’ points for fast, effective pain relief.
    Combine compression with cold to minimize swelling and pain at the same time.
    UV and IR heating lights can be used in therapy for individuals who do not receive enough sunlight or cannot tolerate vitamin D supplements. Many lamps come standard with timers to prevent over-heating.
    Diathermy units generate deep heat in body tissue by electric currents for medical or surgical purposes. Increases circulation while decreasing pain, stiffness and muscle spasms.
    Increase patient’s circulation and range-of-motion with soothing dry heat, without having to deal with the messy cleanup and wetness associated with other therapies.