Cold therapy with the AirCast CryoCuff combines compression and cold. Compression minimizes swelling, while cold minimizes pain.
    Game Ready with active compression delivers cold therapy that works faster, penetrates deeper and lasts longer than other treatment modalities. The cold compression wraps incorporate an active temperature exchange unit that maintains cool temperature and a pneumatic compression. The system has a control unit and full range of ergonomic wraps for all body parts.
    Squid is a unique sequential intermittent compression system that delivers cold deep into the joints and muscles for immediate relief from pain and swelling. This multi-chambered system is an effective alternative to traditional cryotherapy tools in a clinical setting.
    Physicool offers a line of innovative cooling products that combine the benefits of rapid cooling and compression in one product. Clinically proven to outperform ice in the reduction of swelling and inflammation, Physicool's products are ideal for a wide range of conditions, from overcoming the swelling and pain following knee surgery, to getting through flare-ups of chronic problems like tendonitis and arthritis. With no refrigeration needed, this line is portable, convenient and ready to go when an injury occurs. Eco-friendly too, as many products are reusable.
    The Dr.Aktive cold compression therapy support is the ideal way to ice'the joint whether it be post exercise, injury or as part of a rehabilitation programme.