Cold therapy with the AirCast CryoCuff combines compression and cold. Compression minimizes swelling, while cold minimizes pain.
    Game Ready with active compression delivers cold therapy that works faster, penetrates deeper and lasts longer than other treatment modalities. The cold compression wraps incorporate an active temperature exchange unit that maintains cool temperature and a pneumatic compression. The system has a control unit and full range of ergonomic wraps for all body parts.
    Squid is a unique sequential intermittent compression system that delivers cold deep into the joints and muscles for immediate relief from pain and swelling. This multi-chambered system is an effective alternative to traditional cryotherapy tools in a clinical setting.
    Dr.Aktive cold compression therapy support is the ideal way to ice your joints. Whether it be post exercise, injury or as part of a rehabilitation programme.
    Nice Recovery is an iceless system. This is a clear point of differentiation when compared with other cold therapy devices. It is focused on a superior user experience, blending pro-tested design with state-of-the-art technology.
    REVIVE is an innovative compression therapy technology that helps speed recovery from fatigue, reduces pain, and enhances the body's natural circulation. REVIVE is a class 2 medical device that uses innovative compression sleeves and overlapping chambers to promote faster recovery before, during, and after any other physical activity. Revive uses real medical science to provide real results.
    The frost-free Clover Pack comfortably sooths painful, inflamed joints with cold therapy. Its unique design contours your joints with a strapping system that holds pack in place. There is no need for a towel, as the soft material releases cold therapy on your acute injuries.