TheraPutty® Exercises

TheraPutty® is a rehabilitative exercise putty that can be used for many different exercises to strengthen hands. If you are recovering from hand surgery or have limited mobility in your hands, below are some TheraPutty® exercises you can do to help improve your … Continue reading

Benefits of TheraPutty® for Hand Therapy

People use their hands for almost everything. As such, the results of a hand injury can be devastating. Fortunately, there are various hand therapy treatments to get those hands working again. Whether you are a patient recovering from surgery or … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Back Stretcher

Stretching can be very beneficial for athletes and people who exercise regularly. Stretching can also help those with muscle pain by limbering up tense muscles. One such area of the body that tends to tense up is the back. With … Continue reading

3 Stretching Tips

For most people who exercise and even for those who don’t, stretching is not the most exciting thing to do. Stretching may not give those endorphins you like, but it is definitely beneficial to your overall health. To make sure … Continue reading

Benefits of a Pegboard

If you are currently in rehabilitation or you want your toddlers to begin learning, a pegboard is a great choice. This fine motor coordination tool is both fun and advantageous. It can come in various shapes and sizes, but all boards serve the … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Inflatable Exercise Balls

With CanDo® Inflatable Exercise Balls, all your core exercises can be enhanced with just a ball. CanDo® Inflatable Balls can be used to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility. They also the perfect tool to strengthen muscles. By following the 3 inflatable ball … Continue reading

3 Inflatable Ball Exercises

Inflatable balls are more than just fun tool to bounce on. They can be used for exercises to get people in shape. If you have recently purchased an inflatable ball, you may wonder how to effectively use it. Well you’re in luck! … Continue reading

Weighted Therapy Blanket

Have you ever used a relaxing weighted blanket? If you have, you probably already know about therapy blankets. Most Occupational Therapists know that a light physical touch can be overstimulating for people with sensory processing dysfunction. To combat this dysfunction, … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Baseline® Tuning Fork

Tuning forks play a central role in vibration and sound therapy. They feature healing properties that are tied to the forks’ ability to create a resonance through the mind, body, and emotions. For performing therapies with a tuning fork, we recommend … Continue reading

Using a Tuning Fork in Medical Situations

Have you ever used a tuning fork? This tool is a very versatile instrument that can be used for many different healing processes. For those who are unaware, a tuning fork is a two-pronged metal fork that can be used as an … Continue reading