Thermoplastic Splinting Accessories

There are many splinting accessories that help with the creation of a thermoplastic splint. With the right splinting accessories, molding and conforming the splinting material around the patients injured area can become a lot easier. Splinting accessories include items that can … Continue reading

An Intro to Splinting Material

If you have ever sprained one of your limbs or broken a bone, then you know what a splint or a cast is. A splint is a piece of molded thermoplastic splinting material that used to keep an injured body part … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Togu® Balance Boards

Balance is key to performing most everyday tasks. Without good balance the simplest of tasks, such as walking across a room, can be daunting. As discussed in our previous blog, balance training with a balance board is one way you can … Continue reading

Benefits of using Balance Boards

Life is all about balance. Having good balance allows us to have coordination and awareness. To complete even the most basic everyday tasks, balance is key. By adding balance boards to your daily routine, you can improve posture, reduce risk of injury, enhance coordination, … Continue reading

Wrist and Forearm Strength Exercises

Without proper grip strength, it is hard to do most daily activities. Grip strength essential for many daily activities from turning a door knob to carrying grocery bags home. As such, it is good practice to exercise and maintain your grip … Continue reading

The Importance of Forearm Strength

If you think that forearm strength is only good for opening pickle jars, it is time to get a grip! Forearm strength is more important than you may think. It not only promotes grip strength, it helps prevent injuries. Like … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Treatment Table

One common tool that Physical Therapists use is a treatment table. For this, we now offer our line of CanDo® treatment tables! This product line includes a variety of different treatment table options to suit the needs of both doctors and patients. CanDo® treatment … Continue reading

Strength and Resistance Exercises

As discussed in our article earlier this week, strength training can help you maintain a healthy weight and lead to a better quality of life. There are various ways you can practice strength training. Some ways to train involve weights … Continue reading

Benefits of Strength Training Exercises

For a healthy workout routine, one should incorporate 4 key exercises: strength, flexibility, balance and endurance training. Maintaining your health and staying physically active is best thing you can do for yourself. If you want an exercise that you can work … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: The Baseline® Pedometer

To prevent cardiac diseases and accidental falls, it is good to get moving and stay active. It can be hard to keep track of your movement yourself, especially when you want to track of your progression. If you want to effectively … Continue reading