Benefits of Kinesiology Tape

If you have never heard of kinesiology tape before, you should know that it is not just any ordinary tape. It is a thin, stretchy tape that is applied to the body providing a therapeutic effect. While kinesiology tape can’t … Continue reading

Products to Improve Posture

Previously this week we discussed bad posture and some of the ways you can prevent it. It is true that there are things you can do by yourself to improve posture without any product aid. For example, getting up from the … Continue reading

How Bad Posture Can Affect You

Ever slouch in front of your computer while you are at work? Chances are you are doing it right now. Most people who sit in front of the computer all day tend to slouch to get more comfortable. This is because … Continue reading

Comparing Acupuncture and Dry Needling

There are many ways to treat and manage pain. Some people take pain medication in the form of pills, while others look for alternative ways to help cope with pain. Of these alternative ways, one might consider either acupuncture or dry … Continue reading

Keeping your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

It’s the start of the new year and the most common New Year’s resolution is to go to the gym. Especially after eating a lot of holiday food at the end of last year. Although it is good to make … Continue reading

Exercising Away Sleep Deprivation

The best way to get your body tired and ready for sleep is to do intense workouts at the right time of day. This means that doing cardio workouts and lifting weights in the afternoon or at night increases your chance … Continue reading

Tell Insomnia to Take a Hike

Sleep is something we all must do at the end of the day no matter how much some try to fight it. No amount of energy drinks can prevent the inevitable. Everyone needs to sleep because if we don’t, then … Continue reading

Combating Joint Stiffness

It is true that when the human body gets cold, it does not circulate blood as well which can cause joints to stiffen. Though not scientifically proven, most people say that the cold weather affects their joints. The best way … Continue reading

Cold Weather Tips to Consider

Winter is almost here! While there are no ice zombies to fight, there is the cold weather to battle. As temperatures drop people’s mindsets must change when it comes to exercising and physical rehabilitation. It is no longer feasible to run … Continue reading

Balance Training Tools

Earlier in the week we spoke about postural stability and why it is important to balance train as we grow older. Now that we’ve established why this is important, it is good to know how we can balance train. It … Continue reading