Product Spotlight: CanDo® Inflatable Balance Discs

This year for National Chiropractic Month the American Chiropractic Association is placing focus on informing the public on the importance of your musculoskeletal (MSK) system. One exercise tool that can be used to help improve your MSK system is a … Continue reading

National Chiropractic Health Month 2019

Every year, the month of October is recognized as National Chiropractic Health Month. Around this time of the year the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) celebrates chiropractic health and promotes ways it can be improved. This year, the ACA specifically wants … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Digi-Flex®

If you have suffered from a hand or finger injury, you might want to consider using the CanDo® Digi-Flex® with your hand therapist. In our previous blog, we mentioned some of our favorite exercises you can do with a Digi-Flex® … Continue reading

Improve Hand Strength with Digi-Flex®

Have you ever had to seek a hand therapist? Whether it is to recover from hand surgery or to strengthen your hands, one tool recommended by hand therapists is our CanDo® Digi-Flex®! A lot of people know of the Digi-Flex®, … Continue reading

Tools to Help Prevent the Flu

During flu season you should not always rely on just the flu shot to help you prevent the flu. Yes, it is very effective and a nice line of defense, but it does not help as much if you are … Continue reading

Early Flu Vaccinations

As Fall has just fallen upon us, so has colder weather and flu season. Although flu season does not reach its peak until around December through February, that does not mean that you should wait to get your flu shot … Continue reading

Treating Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is not a great feeling, but, as mentioned in our previous blog, it is treatable. If you have just started feeling pain in your lower back, there are multiple treatment options. Below are some products that you … Continue reading

Lower Back Pain

Do you have lower back pain? According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), at least 80 percent of Americans will experience lower back pain in their lifetime. This makes it one of the most common causes … Continue reading

Types of CBD Products

CBD products come in many different forms to suit different peoples’ preferences and needs. To suit these preferences, we offer a variety of different AmourCBD products, each containing CBD in them. All AmourCBD products contains pure CBD extract and 0.0% … Continue reading

What is CBD?

Have you heard the term CBD? Recently, CBD has become a new buzzword in the health and wellness industry. CBD has been infiltrating pretty much every corner of the wellness world, from coffee shops and spas to retail stores. Everyone … Continue reading