The Intelect SWD100 Short Wave Diathermy Unit is designed to offer unattended dry heat therapy to increase circulation and range of motion while decreasing pain and inflammation. Short Wave Diathermy produces high frequency, oscillating electromagnetic energy for easy tissue absorption and increased cellular metabolism for exceptional healing. The SWD 100 provides several intuitive, easy to use features to improve user interfacing and patient response. The Chattanooga Shortwave 100 offers a full color LCD touch-screen interface for quick and easy program selection. The Chattanooga SWD 100 offers multilingual software and over 90 clinical protocols on board as well as thermal dosimetry and quick-link indications for a wide variety of treatment setup options. The Intelect 100 also features 200 user defined protocol storage slots for improved personalization of patient treatment. The Intelect Short Wave Diathermy Unit is designed to accept a variety of both inductive and capacitive electrodes. Capacitive electrodes are characterized by using two applicator electrodes on both sides of the area of treatment. Capacitive applicators are indicated for use with superficial bodily areas such as knees and elbows. Inductive applicators are characterized by use of a single electrode drum and are positioned directly over the area of treatment. Inductive electrodes are indicated for use with deeper soft tissue injuries such as neck and back strains and sprains.
    Mettler shortwave diathermy (SWD) produces comforting deep heat in muscle tissues. Shortwave diathermy is used when the clinician needs to provide deep heat to a larger area than normally covered by ultrasound.
    The TheraTouch DX2 diathermy is an electrotherapeutic modality treats medical conditions such as muscle spasms, joint contractures, and general pain relief. It does this by offering continuous and pulsed modes to generate deep heat within body tissues. Tuning technology continually adjusts to provide consistent coupling, based on calculations of the patient's impedance, size, and body density.
    The Thermo Pro is a modern shortwave therapy system that is easy and quick to use. In contrast to heat therapy treatments that apply heat from the outside, shortwave diathermy therapy converts the electrical energy into thermal energy directly in the tissue.