Skillbuilders® modular seating system allows for basic Feeder Seat to transform into floor sitter and mobile floor sitter. Each seat has built-in abductor, contoured interior for correct seating posture and a safety harness. Seats are made of molded foam that is firm yet soft to the touch, with integral waterproof coating that is easily washed for years of use.
    Tumble Forms 2® Feeder Seat modular seating systems.
    Tumble Forms 2® Carrie seat modular seating systems.
    The Tusky Tilt & Recline seating system is designed for children with moderate to severe physical involvement. The chair has a hydraulic actuator that activates the tilt in space feature.
    Use in classroom, clinic or home. For physically challenged children with mild to moderate involvement; multiple adjustments and accessories meet the needs of each child as they grow and develop. Seat is height and depth adjustable with a 15-degree anterior or posterior tilt; armrests are height and width adjustable. Optional support kit contains trunk H-harness for anterior chest support, adjustable depth abductor and adjustable height/width lateral support; pelvic strap helps maintain proper hip position.
    Multi-use chairs and accessories.
    Lightweight padded seating system.
    The Special Tomato® adaptive seating systems are available in various sizes, colors and modular offerings.
    Trotter mobility chair is lightweight and portable positioning transport chair. Various sizes and accessories available.