Am I eligible to order through FEI?

FEI sells to dealers and distributors. New customers must complete a dealer application and have it approved before they are eligible to order through FEI. Contact an FEI Sales associate at: 800-431-2830 for additional information. You may also start the process by completing the “Become a Dealer” form linked-to from the header of our homepage or by emailing accounts@FabEnt.com.

How can I place an order with FEI?

You can place your order through this e-commerce enabled website, by EDI, text-file submission, phone, fax, email or mail –

Call us:  1-914-345-9300 / 800-431-2830

Fax us:  1-914-345-9800 / 800-634-5370

Email us:  orders@Fab-Ent.com

Mail us:  Fabrication Enterprises, PO Box 1500, White Plains, NY  10602

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No! We have no minimum order.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For your convenience, FEI accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards from US based customers.  Your first purchase will be with credit card, COD or cash with order unless prior credit arrangements have been made.

What is your warranty policy?

FEI offers a minimum 1-year warranty on all products.  In cases where the manufacturer includes a warranty card or an extended warranty, contact the manufacturer directly for complete details.

Why are so many of your exercise items in the same colors?

Many exercise items vary in resistance from XX-Light (or XX-Easy) to XXX-Heavy (or XXX-Difficult).  These resistance levels are color-coded for easy reference.  Tan = XX-Light, Yellow = X-Light; Red = Light; Green = Medium; Blue = Heavy; Black = X-Heavy; Silver = XX-Heavy and Gold = XXX-Heavy.  FEI is licensed to use the Thera-Band® colors  from Hygenic Corp without endorsement.