FAQ / Cleaning Instructions

All items listed below can be cleaned/sanitized using soap and water, or a disinfectant wipe or spray. Cleaner/sanitizer should be applied after every use. Bleach and any other commercial disinfectants, such as Oxivir, are not permitted. Using these can cause products to break down and will alter the quality:

  • EVA Foam Rollers
  • Cando Blue TufCoat®
  • Digi-Flex
  • Digi-Extend and Squeeze
  • CanDo Dumbells
  • CanDo Kettlebells
  • CanDo MedicineBalls
  • CanDo Exercise Balls (all versions)
  • CanDo Peanut Rolls
  • CanDo Donut Balls
  • CanDo Inflatable Balance Disc
  • Skillbuilders Rolls
  • Skillbuilders Wedges
  • Dellon Disk-Criminator
  • CanDo Ball Stabilizer
  • CanDo Wate Balls
  • CanDo Massage Balls
  • CanDo Band/Tubing Racks
  • Classic/Deluxe Kickboards
  • Shoulder/Finger Ladder (plastic & wood)
  • Baseline Finger Goniometer
  • Baseline Tuning Fork
  • Baseline Taylor/Babinski Reflex Hammer
  • Baseline Hand Dynamometer
  • Baseline Pinch Gauge (Mechanical & Hydraulic)
  • Baseline Pulse Ox
  • CanDo Dynamic Stretch Strap
  • Hook and Loop material
    • On products and standalone
  • Puttycise Theraputty Tools

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