10 Benefits of Physical Therapy

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Have you ever been injured or developed a medical condition that weakens your ability to move? Benefits of Physical TherapyChances are you’ve seen a physical therapist during your recovery process. Physical therapy helps patients return to their original, or improved, level of function. It also helps patients learn exercises and habits to prevent future injuries. In preparation of this year’s World Physical Therapy Day, we briefly detail 10 benefits of physical therapy.

  1. Reduce or eliminate pain

Physical therapy can help restore muscles, relieve pain, and prevent pain from returning.

  1. Avoid surgery

Rehabilitating with a physical therapist can help reduce and eliminate pain symptoms. This can sometimes make surgery unnecessary or postpone the need for surgery to a future date. If surgery is still needed, physical therapy can help both before and after the surgery. The better shape a patient is in while going into surgery, the easier the recovery will be after.

  1. Improve mobility

With physical therapy, patients can improve their ability to stand and walk, and recover almost any kind of functional movement. Physical therapists can help patients practice and adapt movements for easier mobility through personalized rehabilitative exercises.

  1. Recover from a stroke

Strokes often result in a decreased range of motion and degree of function. Physical therapists can help strengthen the weakened areas so stroke patients can regain their prior functional ability.

  1. Recover from a sports injury

Physical therapists understand the different strains sports can put on an athlete’s body. They can help recover those areas and prevent further injury.

  1. Improve balance and prevent falls

Physical therapists can provide exercises that improve coordination and balance. They can also suggest products that assist in preventing falls.

  1. Manage diabetes and vascular conditions

People who have diabetes or vascular conditions may experience a loss of sensation in their legs or feet. Physical therapists can help provide food care education to prevent possible injury or further loss of sensation.

  1. Manage age related issues

Arthritis, osteoporosis, or joint replacement are all issues that can come with age. These issues can be managed or recovered from with the help of a physical therapy exercises.

  1. Manage heart and lung disease

Heart and lung disease may negatively affect daily function. Physical therapists can work to help strengthen, condition and improve breathing. They can also assist in clearing fluid from the lungs.

  1. Manage women’s health

Physical therapists can offer management options specifically for women’s health, particularly in relation to pregnancy and post-partum care.

There are many other benefits to physical therapy than the ones mentioned above. To learn more about physical therapy click here or contact your physical therapist or physician today.

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