10 Recovery Methods that Work Better than Ice Baths

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Ice baths, although they sound more like a punishment to some, have long been used by athletes and fitness fanatics as the ultimate muscle recovery method. However, new research from the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland found that individuals who performed an active cool down after exercising had more strength and muscle mass when compared to those who used an ice bath to recover.

The study followed 21 physically active men who began a strength training regimen two days a week for 12 weeks. Half of the group recovered with a 10-minute post-workout ice bath and the rest recovered using an exercise bike.

After reviewing the data, researchers concluded that while the cold water may numb sore muscles and help heal injuries, it is not the best recovery method following a strength session.

After reviewing this new research, Men’s Fitness looked at 10 methods that have a greater effect on recovery than ice baths. The 10 methods are:

  1. Getting a massage
  2. Taking a bath with Epsom salts
  3. Electrical stimulation (related product: FabStim® TENs Electrodes)
  4. Foam rolling (related product: CanDo® Foam Rollers)
  5. Wearing compression gear
  6. Getting 8-to-9 hours of sleep
  7. Consuming post-workout protein
  8. Drinking chocolate milk
  9. Drinking tart cherry juice
  10. Staying hydrated by drinking water

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