15 Minute CanDo® MGE™ Workout

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15 Minute CanDo® MGE™ Workout

If you have trouble sleeping, a quick workout before bed might get you tired enough to have a good night’s sleep. This band workout is only 15 minutes of your time and with little to no rest in between sets you are sure to get tired out. All you need is single CanDo® MGE™ exerciser of your choice and a small area to work out in. Read to learn this routine below:

Lateral-Band Steps

The Lateral-Band Steps exercise focuses on strengthening your hip-abductor muscles and quads. To begin, place the CanDo® MGE™ exerciser around both of your legs and position it just above the knees. Get into a squat position, about a quart of the way down, with your feet pointed forward, hip width apart. Then, using your right foot, step to the right side and step in with the left foot the equivalent distance. Make sure that your feet are back to a hip-width distance apart. Repeat in the opposite direction and continue alternating steps side to side for 12 to 15 reps on each side to complete the set.

Seated Oblique Twist

As you can decern from the name, Seated Oblique Twists are about strengthening your obliques. To begin, get in a seated position on the floor with your knees slightly bent and lifted towards your chest as high as possible. Then, grab your CanDo® MGE™ exerciser on each end with an overhand grip and stretch it out in front of you with both of your arms extended. Then, twist until your shoulders are parallel to your legs and you have rotated 90 degrees. Make sure you are keeping your back straight and core tight. Slowly return your upper body back to the starting position and repeat on the other side. Do this for 20 reps to complete the set.

Superman Press

The Superman Press is great for strengthening your shoulder muscles. To begin, lay on your stomach with your back arched and your legs extended. Your toes should barely be touching the floor and your chin should be up.  Then, grab your CanDo® MGE™ exerciser on each end with an overhand grip and your elbows bent. Then, press the band overhead with your arms fully extended. Then slowly return to the starting position. Do this for 20 reps to complete the set.

You should be moving from one exercise with little to no rest in between. If you must stop, rest for 30 to 60 seconds at end of each set. Continue to repeat this exercise circuit until the full 15 minutes is up. Doing these exercises as instructed will hopefully get you tired enough to sleep through the night.

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Article written by William Graves.