5 ways to relieve sore muscles

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Some days you wake up feeling sore and get an odd sense of satisfaction because it signals you had a fantastic workout the day before.

Other days, you wake up with muscle soreness and realize you may have gone a little overboard. On these days, you need to give yourself a little self-care.

The author of this article (originally from Popsugar Fitness, but we found it on Women’s Running) lists her go-to ways of relieving sore muscles.

  • Applying heat – a little heat can do wonders for sore muscles. It reduces pain by increasing blood flow to the affected area, which helps the small muscle tears causing pain to heal faster. Related product: Relief Pak® moist heat packs.
  • Stretching – stretching after working out is essential. Some studies suggest stretching may not relieve the lingering pain of your workout, but it can help make muscle fibers healthier and more elastic. On days where stretching doesn’t do the job, light cardio will warm up your body and ease the pain away.
  • Rub the pain away – massages are great ways to relieve muscle tension. You can get a professional massage or give yourself a massage at home by using a foam roller. Related products: CanDo® foam rollers.
  • Cool down – cold temperatures constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. If you’re brave, you could take an ice bath to cool down your entire body. Another option is spot treating the affected area with a cold pack. Related product: Relief Pak® cold packs.
  • If all else fails – take an OTC painkiller to take the edge off.

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