7 Tips to Swim Faster

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swimmingSwimming is a great cross-training option during the colder months when it is too cold to get your regular workout done outdoors. Guest writer Ron Burg agrees, which is why we’re excited to share his article with you today.

7 Tips to Swim Faster

By: Ron Burg, guest writer

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer, or just starting out, we’re all looking for ways to swim faster.  We came up with seven tips that will help you swim faster than ever before.

Tip #1  Improve Flexibility
One tip for becoming a faster swimmer is to improve flexibility.  When you work on flexibility every day you’ll only improve.  Try some stretching moves when you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed at night.

Tip #2  Avoid Injuries
It goes without saying that we all want to avoid injuries as much as possible.  Occasionally, though, we have to deal with injuries.  When it happens, make sure you do all the exercises you are supposed to do to help you recover and get right back in the game.  Otherwise, you may simply re-injure yourself and set yourself up for a longer overall recovery period.

Tip #3  Eat Better
Another way to improve your overall health and athleticism is to eat better.  Plan out your meals in advance so you are not tempted to choose unhealthy options at the last minute.  You’ll want healthy food readily available after your workout in the morning, for lunch, and before a nightly workout.  This helps give you energy and helps with your performance.

Tip #4  Get More Sleep
Along with eating better, be sure that you are getting enough sleep.  It’s more difficult for your body to recover from a grueling workout at night if you’re not getting enough rest afterwards.  Just one more hour of sleep could help your performance immensely.

Tip #5  Have a Buddy
If you want to swim faster, you need motivation.  Find a swimming friend that will help keep you accountable to your goals and vice versa.  While it can be a competitor, it doesn’t have to be.  When the temptation arises to skip a practice or two, it will be easier if you have a friend to help keep you in line.

Tip #6  Visualize Your Competition
As well, there’s nothing that pushes you faster in the water then a little competition.  Visualize one of your closest competitors in the water next to you.  This can help you mentally prepare for the next meet and help push you to your limits.

Tip #7  Find Your Weak Spot
Finally, the last tip has to do with finding your weak spot.  Figure out what the one thing is that’s keeping you back.  It may be your kick, your pull, or a certain stroke.  Every time you jump in the water, take a full ten minutes to work on just that particular thing.  This will only help you when it counts.

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