A Beginner’s Guide to Foam Rolling for Injury Prevention & Recovery

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quietly exercisingCongratulations! You have taken the first steps to a healthier, happier lifestyle. You started working out, going to bed at a reasonable time, and eating more fruits and vegetables.

You’re feeling great, but this new lifestyle brings about aches and pain you may not have felt before. You start looking into different ways to relieve your sore muscles, but there are so many options available you’re not sure where to start.

Thankfully, Viva Loudoun put together this article on one of our favorite ways to relieve sore muscles: foam rolling.

The article reviews:

  • What is foam rolling
  • How does foam rolling work
  • When to foam roll
  • How to foam roll

Our key takeaways:

  • Foam rolling is used by athletes, sports doctors, physical therapists, and fitness professionals
  • Foam rolling relaxes muscle tissue, allowing the muscle fiber to return to its normal length
  • Foam rolling can be done as a warm-up, cool down, or throughout the day!
  • While foam rolling, be sure to roll slowly and carefully. Apply pressure to the targeted area, slowly rolling along the length of the muscle area at one inch per second
  • Consult with a physical therapist or your primary healthcare physician before you begin any sort of self-treatment, and be sure to consult with them if your aches and pains don’t get better

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