Avoid Winter Injuries with These 5 Tips

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2015-06-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-road-trees-winter-santallaEvery year winter brings with it the risk of illness and injury. Injury prevention is a year-round task, but winter presents a unique set of challenges for injury prevention. Thankfully, our friends at Muscle & Fitness identified five tips for preventing winter injuries.

Tip #1: Wear Headwear

Keeping your head covered during the colder months is essential for keeping your body temperature stable.

Tip #2: Warm Up Before You Begin

Make sure you have adequate warm up and cool down sessions. A warm up will prepare your muscles for activity while at the same time getting you in the right mindset for the workout ahead.

Tip #3: Be Mindful of Injuries

Tendinitis or tendon soreness can be signs of a strain before a tear. Be mindful of how your body is functioning and stay conscious of what is regular muscle soreness and what is something that will put you out of action.

Tip #4: Use Lighter Weights

Yes, you read that right. Just because you decrease your weight doesn’t mean you decrease your intensity. By using lighter weights, you can create a great pump and generate the same degree of muscle soreness as when you lift heavier weights. (Related product: CanDo® Vinyl Coated Dumbbells)

Tip #5: Stretch When You’re Done

Stretching after a workout helps to reduce muscle fatigue and, because your muscles are warm, you benefit from increased blood circulation. When you stretch, there is a greater chance that you will get your workout in the following day.

By following these tips you will reduce your risk of getting injured and stay on the right track to achieve your goals.