Benefits of a Pegboard

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If you are currently in rehabilitation or you want your toddlers to begin learning, a pegboard is a great choice. Baseline PegboardThis fine motor coordination tool is both fun and advantageous. It can come in various shapes and sizes, but all boards serve the same purpose. They can offer different patterns and allow for the use of an open imagination. This combination improves fine motor functions, early math skills, as well as concentration among toddlers.

One main use of a pegboard is to improve fine motor skills. For toddlers, this task does not come so easy. To grasp the peg and successfully place it in a small hole is a big accomplishment for most toddlers. Practicing and learning how to do this task improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Another use of a pegboard is to teach early math skills. Math doesn’t need to be taught by writing numbers down on a piece of paper, it can be learned by other means. With a pegboard, toddlers learn basic math skills such as matching and sorting by making patterns and placing pegs in a sequence. Toddlers will also learn other basic math functions such as counting how many pegs are on the board. This builds a foundation for future math skills that will be learned later in life.

Pegboards can also generate a lot of concentration. Manipulating pegs on a board can prove a challenge for most toddlers. A lot of focus is needed to make the connection and it can be very rewarding to manipulate the pegs right. Therefore, using a pegboard can increase concentration and independent play.

One pegboard that we recommend is the Baseline® 9-Hole Pegboard. This product is a made of a high-quality wood and comes in a square shape. Basic shapes, such as a square, allow for easier learning and movement. The high-quality wood used in this board makes it durable and gives a more premium feel than plastic. This pegboard can conveniently store 14 pegs in two compartments built into the board. Never misplace a peg again with the Baseline® Pegboard.

Pegboards are a simple and effective method to rehabilitate and improve fine motor skills. For parents this is a great tool to use when they want their toddlers to increase their motor skills and learn. To see if the using a pegboard is right for you or your family, please contact your family specialist.

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Article written by William Graves.