Benefits of TheraPutty® for Hand Therapy

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People use their hands for almost everything. As such, the results of a hand injury can be devastating. TheraPutty® for Hand TherapyFortunately, there are various hand therapy treatments to get those hands working again. Whether you are a patient recovering from surgery or someone with mobility limitations, one tool hand therapists choose to increase hand range-of-motion is TheraPutty®.

TheraPutty® provides significant benefits after hand and finger surgery. Its silicone-based material can be used as part of many hand strengthening programs. After surgery, hand therapists will recommend activities such as the three-point and lateral pinch exercises. Doing these exercises over time will gradually increase hand range-of-motion. In addition to post-surgery rehabilitation, TheraPutty® exercises can significantly benefit patients with temporary or chronic mobility limitations in their hands such as arthritis.

With TheraPutty® patients can progressively exercise. This exercise putty comes in several color-coded resistance levels. The standardized color-coding system starts with tan which is the softest resistance. This resistance is perfect for people in the beginning stages of rehabilitation. The resistance levels move all the way up to black, which is an extra heavy resistance. This resistance is best for athletes or people with strong hand strength.

With the American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) show coming this week there is no better time to learn about hand therapy. The ASHT is the only association dedicated to meeting the needs of hand therapists. To learn more about the ASHT, click here today!

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Article written by William Graves.