Burning off Thanksgiving Calories

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Thanksgiving is this Thursday! This holiday can bring a lot of food and calories, but those extra calories can be burned off. Burning off Thanksgiving CaloriesBy simply exercising on Friday (or Thursday night), you can enjoy your Thanksgiving feast and not have to worry about gaining a lot of weight. To maximize your workout, try to remember what you ate and the calories that comes with it. You can then perform exercises that burn off those calories associated with your meal.

To prepare for your post-Thanksgiving workout, you should first track your calorie intake on Thanksgiving Day. On the daily burn website there is a helpful chart on the types of foods commonly eaten on Thanksgiving and the calories that come with it. Using this chart, you can easily get a rough estimate of your Thanksgiving calorie intake.

Once you’ve calculated your total Thanksgiving calorie intake, this total is then your goal of calories to burn. The daily burn website gives some great workouts that you can do, to burn calories fast. One tool that you can use to keep track of the calories you burned is a Baseline® Deluxe Pedometer. Baseline® Deluxe PedometerIt can track steps and distance taken, total elapsed activity time, and calories burned. With this tool, you can see how your workout is performing compared to your calorie goal.

Thanksgiving is a great time to sit down and enjoy a good meal with friends and family. Counting calories is not what you should be worrying about. Luckily, websites like daily burn and tools like a pedometer can make tracking calories easy.

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Article written by William Graves.