CanDo® Products for Professional Gaming

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Like other professional athletes, professional e-Sport gamers train and condition their bodies for competition. To train, these athletes use a lot of various products, many of which are common within the Physical Therapy field. Below we’ve detailed a few training tools that professional gamers may use to keep their bodies in good gaming shape:

CanDo® Kinesiology Tape

CanDo® Kinesiology Tape is used for pain relief and support of your wrists and fingers. Professional Gaming: Kinesiology TapeIt is made from cotton/rayon fibers, which is great for those who need latex-free and hypoallergenic athletic tape. This skin-friendly Kinesiology Tape has a wave-like acrylic adhesive on one side that pushes sweat and moisture away from the tape. It can be stretched lengthways by 30-40% and is water-resistant and air permeable. This means that it does not come off when you are in an intense gaming match. You can purchase this product as a single roll to try it out or you can buy in bulk for continuous use.

CanDo® Pronation/Supination Wrist Exercise Wheel

The CanDo® Pronation/Supination Wrist Exercise Wheel is great for training gamers wrists because it allows for pronation and supination exercises. Exercise WheelUse it to exercise muscles in the wrist, forearm and shoulder. The wheel features a nonslip rubber surface its exterior to provide smooth, stable motions when exercising. It also features a comfortable middle handle that can accommodate any hand size and can be used with a flexion glove if needed. Use it to warm up your arm or recover arm muscles to get back into gaming shape.

CanDo® Foam Rollers

CanDo® Foam Rollers are great for gamers who are having back problems. CanDo® Foam RollersSometimes sitting in a chair, slumped over for too long can cause a lot of back issues. Foam rollers are perfect for relieving stress and tension in the back. Simply place the foam roller on your back and roll it against the floor for a massage like feel. For professional gamers, foam rollers can also help relieve tension in wrist muscles by rolling wrists over a foam roller.

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Article written by William Graves.