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Chiropractic Tools - CanDo® Massage Gun

There is no question that chiropractors like to use tools to help ease a patient’s pain and inflammation. Chiropractors mainly focus on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, helping people with any pain in their head, back, neck or joints. With a large area to cover, it is no wonder some chiropractors rely on these chiropractic tools:

CanDo® Massage Gun

A percussive massage tool, like our CanDo® Massage Gun, is the ultimate handheld massager and is used in a lot of chiropractic offices. It is best known for being a pain management tool for those patients who sustained injuries in an accident. By using it in a precise way, chiropractors can loosen up a patient’s muscles before manipulating the patient’s spine to ease any pain or inflammation. Due to the various speeds of the instrument, muscles are less likely to tense up, allowing for an effective treatment.

CanDo® Treatment Tables

CanDo® Treatment Tables

Chiropractors use many different types of tables to help realign and manipulate parts of the human body. CanDo® treatment tables are designed and tested to offer work surfaces that are durable, rigid and comfortable. Choose from either an adjustable back or a flat top to deliver amazing massages. These treatment tables also offer a ton of storage space underneath to store all the tools a chiropractor needs to get the job done.

Baseline® Bubble® Inclinometer

Baseline® Bubble® Inclinometer

Inclinometers are used to measure and evaluate the range-of-motion in joints. They are a useful tool for chiropractors who want to track their patient’s progress during treatment. Simply place the inclinometer near the joint to being measured and turn the dial until the scale reads zero. Chiropractors can then take the joint through its range and can then read the total range traveled.

These are just a few tools that a chiropractor might use to improve their patient’s overall quality of life. If you are a chiropractor, please feel free to follow us on our social media sites and check out the links below.

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Article written by William Graves.