Choose AIREX® for your Exercise Mat Workouts

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Choose AIREX® for your Exercise Mat Workouts

Are you tired of working out on hard, dirty surfaces and want an exercise mat that can give you a better workout experience? Then AIREX® has got you covered. With high-quality, portable mats at your disposal, you are sure to have a great workout without the concern of hurting yourself on rough floors.

AIREX® Exercise Mats are the definition of durable versatility. This is because they are made of tear resistant foam which is tough enough to take a good beating in fitness centers and therapy clinics. These mats are also flexible and lightweight so they can be easily carried and stored. The extra-soft padding provides comfort for those who do a lot yoga and floor work and do not want to damage their joints. Also, these mats do not slide on the floor. This provides ease of mind for those with safety concerns when they workout. Whether you are at the gym or outside, simply unroll the mat and prepare to have a safe and comfortable workout experience.

Though at a glance they may look the same, each AIREX® exercise mat serves a different purpose and is worth looking into. There are different types of AIREX® mats that are helpful for different workout goals. The AIREX® Fitline 180 Exercise Mat is a terrific entry-level model while the AIREX® Coronella 185 is a terrific “all-rounder” that is ideal for gymnastics and strength exercises. There are also different sized mats to suite individual or group needs. Regardless of which exercise mat you choose; you will have a mat that will provide comfort for years to come.

AIREX® offers a variety of different exercise mats from you to choose from. There are different colors, sizes and comfort levels that will appeal to anyone who is looking to purchase an exercise mat.

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Article written by William Graves.