Choosing the Right AIREX® Mat for You?

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Choosing the Right AIREX® Mat for You?

Do you need an exercise or yoga mat? AIREX® mats are lightweight, comfortable and do not slide on the floor. You can find them in various shapes and sizes to complement the different workout routines you have. With so many mats to choose from it can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! This article is here to help.

The first decision you must make is whether you will be using the mat for yoga or other general exercises. Depending on your answer, this will determine the thickness of the mat that you need. If you are into yoga, you may want to try the Yoga/Pilates line of AIREX® Mats. The 190 line are defined by their durable versatility and comfort. They come in different colors and are all 0.3 inches thick. If you want a mat that is a little thinner and Eco-friendly, look no further than the AIREX® Yoga ECO Grip and ECO Pro. These mats are a must-have for yoga and Pilates, as well as rehab, stretching, floor exercises and strength training. They are 0.16 inches thick, which is perfect for those who want to be more connected with the floor.

AIREX® also has a wide range of exercise mats which are perfect for those who want to practice more intense floor exercises and not just yoga. The Fitline 140 Exercise Mat is a terrific entry-level model for those just getting into using exercise mats. Its incredible durability as well as its soft and cushioned support is ideal for beginners. If you are looking for a more “all-rounder” type of mat, look no further than the Coronella 185. These lightweight mats are ideal for gymnastics training and are a must-have for stretching, tumbling, floor exercises, flexibility, and strength training. For larger areas with more people, you are going to want to use AIREX® Atlas and Hercules mats. These mats are large enough for physiotherapy, rehab, stretching, floor exercises in bigger facilities.

These fitness mats are just a few of the wide range of mats offered by AIREX®. This huge selection allows AIREX® to offer the perfect mat for any user. We hope this article helps increase awareness of what fitness mat to get and inspires you to exercise.

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Article written by William Graves.