Exercising with the CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser

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Ready for your total-body workout? Our CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser is the perfect tool to add to your total-body workout routine! This resistance exerciser is lightweight, space saving and highly portable. It is designed to provide unlimited exercise options to users who want to do various high-impact upper-, lower-, and total-body exercises. With so many exercises to choose from, below we’ve listed some of our favorite exercises that can help improve flexibility and increase strength:

Core Stabilization Quadruped Arm and Leg

Core Stabilization - Multi-Grip

The core stabilization quadruped is an exercise that works out both your arms and legs. To begin, place each foot into the middle large grips of the exerciser leaving one large grip in between. Then place each hand into the end large grips of the exerciser. Assume a hands and knees position with your arms directly below your shoulders and knees directly below your hips. Next you will simultaneously lift one leg and the opposite arm while maintaining your balance. When lifting extend the leg until your knee is straight and parallel to the floor while stabilizing the exerciser with your hands and opposite foot. Keep your head and neck in a neutral position throughout the exercise. After that, slowly return and repeat on the other side.

Upper Body Brugger

Upper Body Brugger

For more of an upper body workout, try the upper body brugger. Begin by placing each hand into a large grip so that hands are one large grip apart using an open-handed grip. Then rotate your hands facing outward so that palms are supinated. Next, raise your hands so that your elbows are at a 90° angle and hands are in front of you. Extend your elbows and shoulders straight outward and retract your shoulder blades. Finally hold briefly and slowly return to starting position.

Core Bar Lift

Core Bar Lift

The CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser is also great to use with some of our other products. Try using the Multi-Grip™ with a WaTE™ bar for some abdominal exercises. To begin the core bar lift exercise, place the WaTE™ bar of your choice through the end small grips of the exerciser. Then step on the middle of the exerciser with one foot and kneel with the other leg. Then by holding the ends of the bar with the exerciser ends inside your hand grip, use straight arms to lift the bar diagonally over your head. Be sure to keep your torso facing forward. Finally hold briefly and repeat on both sides.

The CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser is made for those who want to efficiently perform a total-body workout anywhere and at any time. It is available in either 9-loop (6 ft. exercisers) or the 135-loop 15 exercisers (30 yd. rolls). Each exerciser is one size fits all and contains both large and small loops that are easy to grip. Easily change resistance by moving 1 loop up or down the exerciser, or by using a different resistance level exerciser. Please consult your specialist/doctor before using the CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser.

For more information on the CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser, click here.

Article written by William Graves.