Fall into Physical Fitness with these Fun Tips

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Fall into Physical Fitness with these Fun Tips

This week marks the first full week of Fall! With the end of summer comes changing leaves and dropping temperatures. But that does not mean you can’t still enjoy some outdoor physical activity. You might just have to adjust your fitness routine to accommodate the changing season. Here are some activities you can do this autumn:


Fall is a great time to go hiking and to get those few extra steps in outdoors. With the cooler weather, comes less bugs and amazing views of the great outdoors. Activities like hiking offer bursts of intensity, allowing you to burn a lot of calories as you increase your elevation and really use your legs. Not only are you increasing your leg strength as you hike up and down, but you are also getting your heart rate up as you increase your cardio endurance. So, if you have a hiking trail nearby, we highly recommend giving it a try this Fall.


Going for a run outdoors this time of year can be the best time to go during any season. The weather is not too hot nor is it too cold. Fall can really prepare you for winter because you may have to wear more layers compared to summer. Plus, you get to watch the beauty of nature as the leaves change color when you go for you run each day. As you continue to run, you will be improving your cardiovascular health as well as improving your core strength and balance. Just find a safe path for you to run outside your house or see if there is a nearby park or trail.


If you are not a fan of running or hiking, you can still ride your bike each day to experience the views. Cycling or riding your bike can help you burn a lot of calories with little effort compared to running. You are still strengthening your muscles as you use your bike, plus you get to go further into a route that might have taken more time if you were to go for a run.

Whatever you choose to do this fall, be sure that it is energizing and enjoyable. Just because it is not summer anymore does not mean you can’t still enjoy exercising outdoors. Why start early hibernation when you can enjoy the change in color of the leaves as you exercise? It is time to embrace autumn and fall into a fun fitness routine.

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Article written by William Graves.