Full Body Resistance Band Workout

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10-5330_inUSEResistance bands are often an overlooked piece of equipment at your local gym. To be perfectly honest, we don’t understand why that is the case. Resistance bands are an easy to use, versatile, portable, and inexpensive piece of equipment. The experts at Active.com seem to agree with us. They recently developed a full body resistance band workout that includes many movements we do in our everyday lives: pushing, pulling, squatting, and rotating.

This article describes how to perform this workout. A few tips before you begin:

  • Your exercise routine should be determined or approved by your primary healthcare provider. Check with your primary healthcare provider before beginning a new exercise routine.
  • For these exercises, resistance bands with handles work best (related products: CanDo Exercise Bands and Exercise Band and Tubing Handles and Anchors)
  • There are two circuits: beginner and advanced
  • Complete the four movements in a circuit one set at a time. Start with one set of exercise #1 followed by one set of #2 and so on.
  • Once you complete all four exercises, rest for 60 to 90 seconds
  • 20 to 30 minutes is a recommended time for this workout (start to finish)

Click here to learn how to do the workout.